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Philadelphia Religious Discrimination Lawyers

The law says that employers can not discriminate against employees based on their religion. Employers may not treat employees or job applicants differently, either less or more favorably, because of their religious beliefs and practices or lack thereof. Additionally, employers must reasonably accommodate the genuine needs of employees to practice their faiths, as it applies to the work environment.

If you have been rejected for employment, fired, harassed or otherwise harmed in your employment because of your religion, your religious beliefs and practices, and/or your employer failed to comply with your reasonable request for a convenient accommodation of your religious beliefs and practices, you may have suffered unlawful religious discrimination.

Employers must also take steps to prevent harassment of their employees on the basis of religion. Employers may not place stricter restrictions on religious expression than on other forms of personal expression that have a comparable effect on workplace efficiency.

A few examples of possible religion discrimination include, but are not limited to:

  • A company was ready to hire you until your prospective employer saw you wearing a yarmulke, or other religious clothing.
  • You are repeatedly mocked because of your strong religious beliefs.
  • You were fired or penalized because you missed work to observe a religious holiday.
  • You were not hired by an employer with strong religious beliefs because you are an atheist.
  • You were forced to remove your head scarf while other employees were allowed to wear baseball caps.
  • You believe your employer discriminates against you, or is treating you differently, or trying to get rid of you because of your religious beliefs.

Other Areas of Discrimination:

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