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Philadelphia Age Discrimination Lawyers

The Pennsylvania employment law attorneys of Sidney L. Gold and Associates know age discrimination when they see it. They have represented many women and men who have experienced the demeaning and humiliating consequences of age discrimination in the workplace. Our discrimination attorneys have handled numerous age discrimination actions with excellent results recovering damages on behalf of older employees who have suffered discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace.

In addition to providing expert legal representation to our Philadelphia clients, our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals improperly displaced from their employment due to age discrimination in the nearby municipalities of Pittsburgh, Cherry Hill, Camden, Wilmington and many other Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware cities. If you have been demoted, passed over for a promotion, or laid off and you believe your employer has treated you unfairly because of your age, contact the age discrimination lawyers at our Philadelphia office about filing a lawsuit or an EEOC complaint.

Although discrimination on the basis of age is illegal, employers regularly discriminate against people over the age of 40 when hiring, promoting and offering training opportunities. Likewise, when companies implement reductions in force and layoffs, quite often it is older employees and managers who are the first to be demoted and let go, despite their experience and ability. Age discrimination may be proven when a layoff results in an abnormally high percentage of more experienced, higher compensated older employees and managers being let go as compared to younger, less experienced employees. Basically, terminations that affect older people disproportionately and policies that provide training, education and other benefits only for younger workers may be discriminatory.

The Philadelphia age discrimination lawyers of Sidney L. Gold & Associates represent clients in the states of PA, NJ, NY and Delaware; therefore, we know and understand the various federal laws, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Older Worker’s Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA), as well as the state and local protections that may or may not apply to your potential age discrimination claim. We have the experience and expertise necessary to determine the validity of an age discrimination claim under federal and local laws, to file and pursue all appropriate claims and to recover all remedies and/or monetary compensation available under the applicable laws.

Examples of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Employers can be very skillful at hiding discriminatory practices; therefore, age discrimination may not be obvious. Some examples of discriminatory practices are:

  • The employer compensates younger employees with less skill and experience at a higher level than the older employees with more skill and experience.
  • A company promotes a younger employee with less experience over an older employee, or hires a younger employee rather than promote an older employee to a position.
  • A company is having difficult times economically, so it fires or lays off the oldest workers first, because they are making the highest salaries after having been with the company the longest.
  • A supervisor gives an older employee undeserved poor performance evaluations and then uses these false records of poor performance to fire or demote the employee.
  • An employer will not let an older worker take a training course or otherwise invest in the worker’s further growth.
  • An employer forces an employee to take “early retirement”.
  • A company refuses to hire anyone who looks older than a certain age, simply to maintain a youthful company image.
  • An employer engages in harassment of an older employer based on age, such as age-related jokes, comments and gestures.
  • A supervisor assigns undesirable or demeaning tasks only to older employees, or makes a job more difficult to encourage someone to quit.
  • Before you were fired, forced to resign, or forced to retire, your employer made age-related remarks about you to you, or to others, or in your job evaluations, leading you to believe your age played some role in the employment decisions made against you.
  • Your employer gave you feedback that you are too old, that you aren’t flexible in taking on new projects, that you lack the ability to learn new skills, that you are over-the-hill, that the company wants vigor, energy, a youthful and new approach that you lack.
  • Your employer wanted to create a youthful image with new blood, so you were refused a job, you were passed over for a well-deserved promotion or raise, or you were fired because the employer wanted a younger person for the job.
  • Even though terminated older workers performed effectively, received good evaluations, and have more experience, your company laid off mostly older workers while retaining younger workers.
  • Your employer promotes and provides more promising positions to younger employees as compared to older employees, not based on competence or performance, but because the employer wants a more youthful image.
  • Your employer is removing older employees and replacing them with younger employees.

If you believe that you are the victim of age discrimination or retaliation for filing a complaint, the attorneys of Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C., would be pleased to discuss your concerns and what you should do if you have experienced age discrimination at your job.

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Call the Philadelphia Age Discrimination Lawyers of Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C., today for a free assessment of your age discrimination claim.

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